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Updated Monday, June 21, 2010 10:10 PM

Sherman Planning and Zoning to consider various housing construction



Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission faces a weighty agenda at 5 p.m. on Tuesday in Council Chambers at City Hall, 220 W. Mulberry, when it considers several housing additions around Austin College and one project the staff recommends rejecting.

Commissioner also will consider a 10.8-acre site plan for a development proposal, Crescent Oaks Plaza for the east side of U.S. Highway 75 between State Highway 91 and Taylor Street. This request comes from ET Joint Ventures.

Kyle Boothe, representing Bluestone Partners LLC, will ask commissioners to build a small subdivision of patio homes at the intersection of 2300 block of West Lamberth and the 2100 block of Little Lane. The subdivision would require several variances, including an 11.04-foot front lot in lieu of the required 45-foot lot width. The project also would require a specific use permit to allow patio homes in the one-family residential area.

City of Sherman Director of Development Services and Planning and Zoning Scott Shadden outlines in a letter to Bluestone and Boothe the requirements the project would have to meet if the commission grants all the requests for variances and the specific use permits. The project would require a sewer extension and water pro rata for all lots plus comply with several requirements from the planning and engineering departments.

Shadden concludes, "Due to the limited size of the property in relation to the increased development density, the fact that no access to Lamberth Road should be allowed, and the variances requested for the site, it is recommended the site plan be denied."

Kangaroo Housing Investors will approach the commission with plans for two, multi-family developments in residentially zoned areas. Both of these projects require approval of requests for variances. One project is bordered by Willow, Pacific, Porter and Brockett streets. The other by Grand Avenue, Luckett, Richards and Dorchester streets.

The first project east of Brockett and near current student apartments is an apartment complex. The second, part of which fronts onto Grand Avenue will be 22 cottage-style homes for student housing. The letter requesting the matter be presented to the commission states the cottages' façades are designed with the color palette and Victorian style architecture of the surrounding neighborhood in mind. Seventy-two notices were sent to neighbors of the property and the commission packet contains no objections.

In other business Tuesday, the commission will consider:

* WWF Motors Inc. request for an exception to allow a new, larger face on freestanding sign that does not conform to requirements at 4505 Texoma Parkway;

* Ron Barton's request to allow a 15-foot rear yard setback in lieu of the required 25-foot setback at 100 Forest Creek Drive;

* JoAnne Margolis' request to build a garage with an 18-foot side street setback in lieu of the required 25 feet at 607 W. Birge St.;

* Tin Star Homes' request to allow a 22-foot rear yard setback for an attached covered patio in lieu of the required 25 feet at 1414 South Raven Drive;

* Frank Purdom's request for a variance to allow a 3-foot rear yard setback in lieu of the required 25 feet for an attached garage at 2108 Joni Circle;

* Texoma Area Paratransit System Inc.'s request for a variance to allow an LED monument sign with a 5-foot front yard setback in lieu of the required 25 feet at 6104 Texoma Parkway;

* Marvin Griffith's request for a variance to allow a 14-foot rear yard setback in lieu of the required 25 feet for an attached covered patio at 1421 Pintail Drive;

* St. Mary's Catholic Church's request to put a portable classroom next to another one at 713 S. Travis St.;

* Garcha Corp.'s request for a variance to allow the exterior surface of a 24-foot by 75 foot canopy to be metal in lieu of the required masonry exterior of a truck stop at 220 E. F.M. 1417.

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