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Updated Thursday, December 17, 2009 9:28 PM

Police reports

Denison Police

Porn-related arrest -- Dec. 14, 4:07 p.m., 300 W. Gandy (Denison Public Library), A 55-year-old Denison man was on a computer on Tuesday at the city library watching porn when several children saw what was being displayed. One of the children's parents called police. Rhodes saw what was happening on the computer screen and jailed the suspect on a charge of displaying a harmful act by minor. Bail was set on that charge at $7,500.

On Wednesday, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles issued a parole violation warrant against the suspect, who remains in Grayson County Jail with bail not allowed.

Aggravated robbery -- Dec. 14, 200 W. Crawford (Albertson's Grocery), A suspect is accused of having taken a DVD, valued at $100, then walked to another section of the store where he took it out of its box and laid the box on a shelf. He then tucked the DVD under his arm with a coat covering it and left the store. Employees confronted him after calling police, and the report states, the suspect "started slinging his arms and elbows." The suspect was charged with aggravated robbery.

Burglary -- Dec. 13, 900 block S. Mirick (Bill's Barber Shop), Officer Darren Riddick. While on patrol, Riddick found a door open on the business and found it had been ransacked. Eppler said that thieves left with several pair of barber clippers, items from a sports trophy case, checks, and a bank bag and its contents. Police have no suspects.

Burglary -- Dec. 11, 500 block W. Owings, A complaint said she had seen some tracks on the west side of her house which led to the back alley. Then, she discovered a window to the house had been broken. Someone took a 42-inch television, a DVD player, a U.S. Marine pocket watch, and an egg muffin maker. There are no suspects.

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle -- Dec. 13, Smith Drive, A complainant's former husband took her vehicle without permission. It is described as a white 1999 Chrysler LHS 4-door passenger car, valued at $3,000, and having Texas license tags.

Criminal mischief -- Dec. 11, 1100 block South Rusk, Someone broke a wooden high chair into several pieces, then left it laying behind a garage. The owner valued the high chair at $1,000,

Whitesboro Police

Arrest -- Dec. 14. A Whitesboro police officer was serving a Hunt County arrest warrant on a woman who didn't want to go peacefully. At the Whitesboro Jail, she threatened to kill herself, then turned her aggression against the officer, his family, and a dispatcher, threatening them all with bodily harm.

Inside the jail cell, which is watched on monitors, she was seen taking off her bra and trying to hang herself. Officers took her to a hospital for evaluation. She was determined to be fit for confinement, and so the officers took her to Grayson County Jail where its medical staff and corrections officers could keep a close watch on the suspect.

She is charged with the arrest warrant, assault on a public servant, and retaliation.

Durant Police

Felony arrest and escape -- Dec. 17, E. State Highway 70, Police stopped a disabled vehicle in a closed business' parking lot. A man stood at the rear of the vehicle and a juvenile female sat in the driver seat. As McEachern approached the man, he saw the suspect walk over and hand the juvenile something. That later turned out to be an orange tin containing four Xanax and one Darvocet, both controlled substances.

The suspect appeared nervous, and continually looked around as though he was trying to find somewhere to run. Police determined the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant and placed him under arrest.

He placed the suspect in the front seat of the patrol car and seat-belted him in, then went to speak with the juvenile.

He suddenly saw the suspect running out of the parking lot, still wearing his handcuffs, the report continues. Police chased him for several blocks until he lost sight of the suspect.

About 30 minutes later, with other officers also searching, they found the suspect lying underneath a pickup and again placed him under arrest.

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