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Updated Tuesday, May 31, 2011 6:48 PM

Grayson County Jail bookings



Between midnight Friday and 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, over Memorial Day weekend, Grayson County Jail corrections officers booked in 98 people on a variety of charges.

Among the charges are 114 outstanding warrants and 70 new, or on-view, charges, and four who presented themselves for book-in, serving their sentences on the weekends in accordance with court instructions. There were also 18 water safety citations issued, four alcohol-related citations issued, and eight warning citations issued.

The warrants served included one man on a parole violation warrant, two men on sexual assault charges, and five on driving while intoxicated charges. Eight people under 21 were jailed on charges of minor in possession or consumption of alcohol, six people on charges of public intoxication, four people on charges of boating while intoxicated.

There were four people incarcerated on driving while intoxicated-first offense; one person on DWI-second offense; four people on DWI-3rd or more offense; and one person on a charge of DWI with a child in the vehicle.

Of the 98 people that were booked into the Grayson County Jail over the holiday weekend the arresting agencies are as follows:

Grayson County Sheriff's Office, 33; Sherman P.D., 29; Texas Parks & Wildlife, 17; Van Alstyne P.D. 4; Denison P.D., 3; Howe P.D., 2; Whitewright P.D., 2; Gunter P.D., 2; Southmayd P.D., 2; Grayson College P.D., 1; Tom Bean P.D. 1, Pottsboro P.D., 1.

Grayson County Assistant Chief Deputy Tommy Rains stated that the corrections office also provided transport service for Texas Parks & Wildlife, the U.S. Coast Guard, and Grayson County Sheriff's Office boat patrol on or near Lake Texoma over the weekend.

Sgt. Ricky Wheeler said that the Sheriff's Office Enforcement Section answered a total of 111 calls for service over the holiday weekend and provided other local agencies with back up or assistance. He reported that Texas Parks and Wildlife officials attempted to stop a boat on Saturday, but the boat was able to speed away and elude officers. They identified the boat, and then found it Sunday. At that time, Wheeler said, they found the driver intoxicated, and arrested him on a charge of boating while intoxicated.

Wheeler added that, at Lake Texoma, there was one jet ski accident reported near Highport Marina, and that Preston EMS transported the injured skier Texoma Medical Center with a broken leg.

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Grayson County Jail bookings : 6/3/2011
Slow weekend there Men? Hummmmm...However i must Say
"GOOD" Job!!! And Thank all Law enforcement involved.
for doing "OUR" communitys a Fine Upstanding service.
Now? can you please pass the ice cream and pie over here? thanks

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