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Updated Wednesday, April 28, 2010 9:15 PM

Texoma Area Paratransit System rolls out 200th bus

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People applaud Wednesday as the 200th Texoma Area Paratransit System bus to be put into service rolls out. The 30-passenger bus will serve a six county area, joining the current fleet of 83 buses.



SHERMAN -- Employees at Texoma Area Paratransit System introduced the community to their newest on baby Wednesday. The blue and white 2010 International bus rolled out for the first time and will seat 28 passengers and two wheel chairs.

It is the 200th bus to roll through the system that serves six counties.

TAPS Operations Manager Becky Woodson said the agency's newest set of wheels has that great new car smell.

"We are absolutely ecstatic ... we just love new buses," she said. The bus cost around $130,000 and is one of 15 that the agency purchased with federal stimulus money.

Woodson said the TAPS fleet is now about 83 strong and it is waiting on someone to drive it around.

"We are always interviewing and hiring drivers," she said, and then laughed.

Cary Wacker, board chair for TAPS, told those who attended the roll-out that the new bus is not the kind that will be used to pick up people individually from their homes. Woodson agreed that it the kind of bus that will be used when the agency needs to transport larger number of people at one time and it will be used throughout the six county system.

Comments ... 9 found!

one death too many : 5/8/2010
If one death is too many, then we shouldn't have ANY vehicles on the road.Or maybe there shouldn't be life at all,that way NO DEATH. Hey Mark, I see you are still on your bandwagon.Why don't you get a life of your own, instead of having it stuck up everyone else's? Before President Bush took over, this country had money. President Obama came into office with the country in massive debt. 2+2=4

Perfect World

Good news should be shared : 5/2/2010
Good news is good news. If I found offense by articles about topics that relate to the deaths, disappointments and sadnesses in my life, then the Herald Democrat would be nothing but a daily classifieds section.
Of course, the death of your friend affects his family and friends more deeply than me and anyone else who didn't know him. However, news still happens regardless of his death --- and mine and yours and anyone else's.
The article was about the value TAPS is bringing to the community -- and it IS a value. Continually linking the tragedy of your friend's death to every future article about this company only serves to pour salt on a festering wound -- and that isn't good for any of us.

TAPS Supporter

Dear TAPS Supporter : 5/2/2010
Ofcourse there are more car/motorcycle accidents than bus/motorcycle accidents. It is not difficult to look on the streets of our community and see that cars far out number buses which make the odds of car accidents much higher. Since when is lost of life ok long as its not very many?. One accident/one death is too many. If your friend or family member was deceased due to the actions of TAPS and their employee..would you like to see a picture of their new bus and and applauding crowd in the paper.. did I mention only two weeks had past when the celebration photo was in the paper?

Just dont understand

Good to see a new bus : 5/1/2010
TAPS is good for the community. As it grows and increases the number in its fleet, it will continue to improve as well.
Good luck to everyone involved. It's great to have the TAPS option in our community.
(By the way, car/car and car/motorcycle accidents account for more traffic deaths than bus/car or bus/motorcyle accidents. Just sayin' ...)

TAPS Supporter

DISTASTEFUL! : 4/30/2010
What nerve...TAPS celebrating their new bus while friends and family continue to morn the loss of the motorcyclist killed by a taps bus.

Just Disgusted

Say no to TAPS : 4/29/2010
TAPS is the wost public transportation I have ever been on! On my first day of work I had to catch the bus 2 hours early to be there by 8 and they STILL made me late! I'm so happy i got my car fixed. I would rather pay for an $8 taxi rather than ride another TAPS bus. A new bus wont make a difference.


: 4/29/2010
With all of the buses we have I'm not sure why we don't have regular scheduled bus pick ups in certain locations unless it is a person with a disability the HAS to be picked up from their home. TAPS is never on time and you show up anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour late. If we could have an area transit bus pick up with actual bus stops and consideration for peoples time it would be a success.


Boieng or Peterbuilt : 4/29/2010
Will this bus transport kids from school or workers to Boeing and Peterbuilt down around the Denton area? But the bus was free stimulus money from the Obama free money tree. Free, yeah sure. How long will your grandchildren be paying Red China for that free bus. Just a new toy for bureaucrats to show off.


Beware : 4/29/2010
Motorcyclist beware ...another TAPS bus on the streets of our community. TAPS is always hiring..hopefully the driver of "their new baby" will be younger than the average nursing home resident!

Friend of TAPS last victim
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